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What to Expect

Your First Session - An Initial Consultation

Starting therapy can feel daunting.


The first step is to meet for an initial consultation, typically lasting for 90 minutes.


We will use the time to think together about what has brought you to therapy, for me to learn more about you and for you to ask any questions you have about therapy and how I work.


The initial consultation also allows you to get a feel of what it would be like for us to work together.

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Short-term or Open-ended Therapy

I offer two ways of working:

  • on a short-term basis (12 weeks), where we focus on a specific issue or goal; or

  • on an open-ended basis, which allows for a more extensive exploration of deep-rooted issues.

Session Times

If we do agree to work together, we will arrange session times.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. Usually we would meet on the same day and time each week as consistency is important.

I commit to keeping the session available for you each week. This means that I do charge for missed and cancelled sessions. There is no charge for sessions when the practice is closed or when I am away.

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

This type of therapy focuses on difficulties you are having in the present and helps you to understand underlying causes and issues, often from your past.  


Attention is paid to beliefs and feelings that you might not be aware of, but which affect how you feel, behave or engage in relationships. These unconscious thoughts may contribute to the repetition of unhelpful patterns of behaviour in your life.


By talking in sessions, being listened to carefully and considering past experiences as they arise in the present, you can gain a deeper understanding about yourself, your feelings and your circumstances. This can lead to meaningful growth and change.


Below are my standard fees. I also have a limited number of places for students or people on reduced incomes.


Initial consultation - £150 


Open-ended therapy - £85 per session 


Time-limited therapy - £100 per session 

If you would like to book an initial consultation or have any questions, please contact me by email or telephone.

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